Mining Facilities

Where are we Mining Bitcoin?

At the moment we’re mining in Kazachstan and Russia

  • Electricity costs: Low national electricity rates
  • Politically stable: pro crypto mining
  • Cold climate: less power consumption for cooling the miners
  • Stable power supply: close to a power plant and located next to a substation
  • Protected 24/7: video surveillance multilevel access control
  • Regular inspection and maintenance of your miners: stock of spare parts, repair shop onsite

How it works:

We are transparent and simple.
We offer all-in pricing for our services with no hidden fees.


Fully managed mining and hosting service
On the right you see our five step process to give you a great customer experience

Best prices for miners
We have trusted partners to get you the best price for your miners

Lowest electrical costs
Because we mine in Kazachstan and Russia we can offer our clients the lowest electrical costs