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Miners are getting paid for their work as auditors. They are doing the work of verifying the legitimacy of Bitcoin transactions. This convention is meant to keep Bitcoin users honest and was conceived by Bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Hassle free and secure investment with total control over your investment. With no middleman or cut, all earnings go directly to your wallet, everyday

Start Small and Grow

You can start small and increase your portfolio as you need to grow. Plus avoid the hassle involved in selling miners when you don’t need them any more

Fully Secure and Safe

24/7 monitoring and European support. Full control over the earnings. Your investment is fully protected by Laws and it is secure and safe

Perspective Validation

Why mine Bitcoin?

  • Hedge against the deflation of FIAT currency
  • All time low interest rates with tradidional banking
  • Hedge against the volatility of Bitcoin
  • Contributing to the decentralised network
  • Better ROI than holding
  • Potential appreciating of your mining equipment
  • The cleanest Bitcoin in your wallet


  • 2 trillion dollar BTC and Altcoin market cap
  • Best performing asset of the last decade
  • Adoption rate 10x faster than internet in the 1990’s, 2000’s
  • Adoption by Big Corporate institutions
  • Legal tender for the first time in 2021

Bitcoin’s future

Bitcoin Long Term Development


  • With Bitcoin now between 40-45k predictions are it will go to 100k before the end of the year.
  • This means revenue goes up and with this your ROI will shorten

Stock to flow is a primary indicator of Bitcoin prices. With a limited Bitcoin supply and increasing demand, the price is estimated to continue in an upwards trajectory.

With each halving, a four- year change in monetary policy, Bitcoin enters a new cycle.

    How it works:

    We are transparent and simple.
    We offer all-in pricing for our services with no hidden fees.


    Fully managed mining and hosting service
    On the right you see our five step process to give you a great customer experience

    Best prices for miners
    We have trusted partners to get you the best price for your miners

    Lowest electrical costs
    Because we mine in Kazachstan and Russia we can offer our clients the lowest electrical costs



    What our clients say about us

    We believe in credibility and growth for our clients investments.

    Mining Elites is on a mission to make Mining and Investing easier, reliable, more profitable and accessible for everyone around the world.

    Investeerder in de cryptomarkt sinds 2016. Hoop bedrijven meegemaakt die er een zooitje van gemaakt hebben of geen beloftes nakomen. Ben zelf een paar keer opgelicht en heb ik verkeerde keuzes gemaakt. Ik ben dus een zeer sceptische investeerder in de cryptomarkt. Ben klein begonnen bij Mining Elites, maar al snel heb ik miners bijgekocht tot grote tevredenheid. Puntje van aandacht zou de communicatie zijn, maar ben zeer tevreden. Binnenkort kom ik langs op kantoor met een gebakje :). Dank jullie wel en tot snel!

    Melvin Knoester

    What a great choice to invest in mining. Especially with Mining Elites. They have a great deal in China. Cheap electricity, good monitoring, transparent and helpful staff. I would recommend to send newsletters and keep me more up to date about improvements and other news about mining. Can’t wait to invest my in your fund too! Let me know when you have finished it and good luck with everything!

    Rutger Malherbe

    Low Energy Costs

    Green Energy

    Legally Secured

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